Life is change; no matter how much I'd like to slam on the brakes and pull to the side of the road for a breather, it ain't happenin'. Just this last year in our family, there have been marriages, more grandkids, more puppies, and the death of my mother, who lived with us for many years and finally lost her battle with Alzheimer's. I've come to the end of my journey has a homeschool parent, as our youngest will graduate soon.

I think this is why I love stories. They can help us understand and deal with change. Stories illustrate and instruct. They have the power to comfort, make us laugh, and open our minds.

This is true of stories on the page and screen. Yes, reading is by nature active, and film and television are by nature passive. But that doesn't mean movies and television shows don't affect and influence us. 

I'm here on Wide Open Stories to explore all the ways stories enrich our lives, with reviews, recommendations, and commentary on books, movies, and television shows from the past and present.

Got questions? Contact me--I love chatting with my readers about books, film, education, and life. I will respond as soon as possible.

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