9 reasons why parenting teens is awesome

 Being part of my teen's lives is fun and rewarding

Being part of my teen's lives is fun and rewarding

With the 13th birthday of our youngest, we now have three teenagers at home. I remember, as a young mother with four children, the pitying glances and dire warnings:

"Just wait until they are teenagers."

Our oldest is now twenty-something, and The Adolescent Apocalypse I was told to anticipate has not happened. I continue to revel in being the parent of teenagers, and I want to share nine reasons why I think parenting teens is awesome.

  1. Lively conversations - the kind of intelligent, interesting back and forth discussions and debates that don’t involve explaining yet again why there aren’t really dinosaurs on an island near Costa Rica.
  2. Nostalgia. Teens provide constant reminders of when I thought I knew everything and the world revolved around me.
  3. The emerging adult. Watching the child-cocoon crack open to reveal a unique, whole, separate person.
  4. Independence. I am thrilled when they finally get their drivers license so they can take themselves to the 150 places they MUST go each week.
  5. Seeing them learn self-motivation. That moment when they see the light at the end of the childhood tunnel, and seriously take charge of their own education and future.
  6. We make discoveries together. I'm taking notes on the ongoing science experiment that is their rooms.
  7. Enlightenment. No matter how experienced and sophisticated you are, teens help you see the world from another point of view.
  8. Skill building. You have the opportunity to learn and practice crisis management skills, because hair gel and humidity don’t mix very well.
  9. Confirmation of universal truths. Teens offer proof that the power of comfort food and a good night's sleep really can solve problems.

What do you love about being the parent of a teenager? Share it in the comments below-