Classroom Management- Seizing Opportunities in Our Homeschool

 Emma and I enjoy lunch at Abuelo's to celebrate her 13th birthday.

There is no doubt that the minute you view your child for the first time, the wave of adoration and fear that washes over you leaves you breathless for about 18 years. Then Reality sets in.

When one of our kids is having trouble - they are cranky, irresponsible, depressed… do we quickly react, demanding that they simply stop being cranky, disorganized, or depressed - or can we see this opportunity to connect and disciple our child?

Whether they are dealing with a physical problem, or they don’t know how best to organize their belongings, or they’ve experienced a major change and they haven't developed needed coping skills - every crisis, every phase, is a chance for us to guide our children to answers in Scripture, to teach them to be introspective and self-aware, and to create bonds of love and trust.

  • If they are having trouble keeping their rooms clean and putting away their school supplies - have we provided adequate and clearly labeled storage?
  • When they are trying to deal with change or a loss, do we give them time to grieve, to adjust, and are we  comforting them with Scripture, assuring them of our continued support and love?
  • Are we providing opportunities for them to minister to others who have experienced hardship and affliction?

Our ministry priority is our family. When we chose to homeschool, we also chose to make our child's education our responsibility.

As we go about our routines of school and chores, seize the learning opportunities that are presented every day and rejoice in the privilege of being the person who is there to comfort and guide your child, and to direct them to Christ who comforts and guides you.

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