End of the school year? No way!

Flowers and trees-008

The beginning of summer is often seen as the end of the school year, but it shouldn't be. You may be setting aside textbooks and workbooks, getting ready for testing and assessments, looking forward to going to bed a little later and sleeping in a bit more - but summer is not an end to learning, it's a new beginning.

Picnic at pond

Warmer weather gives the kids more opportunities for outside activities energized by sunshine and fresh air. It brings up the plants and brings out the critters for observation and experimentation.

Thunderstormy days were made for curling up in a comfy chair next to a window with a thrilling story, and then watching the sky for rainbows.

Playing on tree fort-008

The trees in the back yard long for rope swings, bird houses, and tree houses to give them purpose.

Kemp Rd Park Aug 2012-012

The ground is covered with mysteries that can be revealed to the curious mind with a simple magnifying glass.

You can lay off the lesson plans, but don't take a break from your child's continuing education. Give your kids the tools of learning and plenty of freedom, and odds are, they will take it from there.

What have your homeschoolers learned on their own?