Need help finding family-friendly entertainment?

Entertainment. What kind of entertainment is
acceptable for children? How do you find TV shows
and movies that are family-friendly?

Finding family friendly entertainment; movies you can watch with the kids

'Vegging out' is a normal and acceptable part of every day life in America. At the end of the day we are tired in body and mind, and there is a real physical and mental benefit to relaxation.

Watching TV shows and movies together doesn't have to be a waste of time. It can involve learning, conversation, and bonding as a family with a little planning.

First, we have to acknowledge that what we allow into our minds affects our hearts in some way. Not only do we as parents have to use discernment about what to allow our kids to see, but we have to teach critical thinking skills to our kids so they are prepared to make good decisions on their own.

The MPAA devised a rating system to give us some basic information about the content of a movie, and TV shows also now have a rating system. These are just baseline guides for making sure our kids aren't exposed to inappropriate content, and they don't tell us anything about the messages embedded in our entertainment.

We have to get to know our children to understand whether or not they are developmentally ready for certain topics. We also have to have the courage to discuss those topics with them when they are ready. TV shows and movies can help us start conversations about sensitive issues, especially if the themes communicate beneficial messages.

Figuring all this out sounds difficult and time consuming, but the good news is--there are tools out there to help you make decisions about our entertainment choices:

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