Homeschool Reality: Brain Block

A homeschool moment every parent can probably understand:

 Even homeschoolers experience brain block (Photo Credit: Kaboompics)

Even homeschoolers experience brain block (Photo Credit: Kaboompics)

Kenny was doing math with ALEKS, and up popped a review problem about prime factorization. In spite of the fact that he has covered this a dozen times, he and I both completely forgot what it meant or how to do it. We had a couple of chuckles as we stared at the problem and each other. We KNEW how to do it, but we were both totally blocked.

This usually doesn’t happen with basic “we’ve done this a thousand times” concepts like prime factorization, nor does it happen to both of us at the same time. Until today.

Of course, with a program like ALEKS, you just click “Explain” and then pound your forehead repeatedly when you see the explanation.


What did we learn today? Not only do we now have prime factorization indelibly tattooed on our brains, but we learned a lesson in saying “I don’t know” and getting the help we needed to move forward.

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