Homeschoolers Honor Copyright

ihomeschool network honor copyright

I've blogged before about copyright laws and fair use for homeschoolers. We're always scrimping and saving and squeeing when we see a fabulous freebie, but in our desire to pass on cool stuff to our friends and make our dollars stretch to the absolute limit, we may sometimes inadvertently break the law and disrespect those who have worked long and hard to be able to publish their materials. One way many homeschoolers dishonor authors and publishers is by copying the materials they have purchased for their other children. Many homeschool curriculum providers are very generous, and allow parents to copy for use in their family - which doesn't mean grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters in Christ, or cousins-thrice-removed. It is our responsibility to read the copyright information on each book or workbook we purchase, or contact the publisher for permission before we make copies.

This week at the iHomeschoolNetwork, the focus is on #HonorCopyrightAwareness. Here you will find a great one-stop information shop for your questions about how to properly and legally use the educational materials you purchase or download. Words like 'reproducible', 'consummable' and 'nonconsummable' are important, because they tell us at a glance what we can and cannot do with these resources.

Let's take the time to make sure we are homeschooling legally, not only by complying with the homeschool regulations in our state, but by observing copyright laws, and showing appreciation and respect for the authors and publishers who provide us with wonderful homeschool resources.