Homeschooling honestly

Kenny praying over books

I read articles quite frequently about student cheating and teachers being dishonest in their reporting, and I imagine that we as homeschoolers might be tempted to congratulate ourselves that our kids aren't in the middle of that mess. But are we homeschooling honestly?

  • Are we complying with state laws in notification and testing, if such is required?
  • Are our children receiving a quality education in accordance with their development and potential?
  • Do we allow our kids to cheat by giving them unsupervised access to grading materials?
  • Do we deal honestly with others who ask us questions about homeschooling?
  • Do you even WANT to homeschool, or did you agree to homeschool because of pressure from others?

Hard questions. But harder to know that human nature being corrupt, people will sometimes sell their honor for Skittles.

Emma doing school

'School' does not mean that our kids are sitting down at desks with books every day, or writing reports and taking spelling tests every week. But when we say that we are 'homeschoolers', we are telling people that we have taken responsibility for our child's education and are preparing them for their future.

So- is that what YOU are doing?

Don't take for granted the freedom you have to school at home. Make sure you show your gratitude and preserve your integrity - to God, to yourself, to your children, and to the world - that when you declare yourself to be a homeschooler, you really are teaching and training your children at home.