Homeschooling with a new schedule

 Homeschooling with a new schedule

Setting goals, making changes:  homeschooling as per usual.

This was the second week of our second semester, and we started it with a new homeschool schedule.

We have had the same kind of schedule for a couple of years, and during our winter break, we spent quite a bit of time discussing what we wanted to accomplish, and what would be involved in accomplishing it.

When change is necessary, it's important to have a family meeting where everyone can speak freely about their personal goals and homeschool wishlist. We take a look at what has been working, and why. We also discuss what hasn't been working, and decide what to keep and what to ditch.

Sometimes a change of pace is a  relief if school has become too predictable. The same way reorganizing a living space can breathe new life into it, you can give your homeschool a boost of energy by switching things up.

We decided to include most of our subjects on a daily basis, instead of language arts and math in the morning, then an afternoon to focus on one subject at a time. The kids wanted to work independently in the morning when they have the most energy, and then together in the afternoon. We tend to lose momentum in the afternoon, so discussing books we are reading and doing science experiments will help us get over the daily two o'clock hump.

Many pieces of scrap paper later, we have this-

 a look at our homeschool schedule

a look at our homeschool schedule

The first week of this schedule was great - we are excited about how the change of pace is working. But this is not our first rodeo, and we know the second week is always a struggle. The new schedule is no longer quite as shiny. We are looking at the weeks and months stretching out before us, and that feels like a long time when there is snow on the ground and the windchill is a finger-cramping, booger-freezing -11°F.

However, we are armed with hot chocolate, pizza, and fuzzy slippers. We have clearly defined goals, both short and long term, and have charted our course to meet them. 

It's all about setting yourself up for homeschool success.

This weekend it will be nice to have some free time to unwind. I plan to do some reading and writing. Ken and I will enjoy some time together Saturday afternoon, weather permitting, for our monthly Dad&Mom's Day Out. Then on Sunday we will enjoy fellowship and worship in church as a family.

Have you made changes to your homeschool day? Share them in the comments -