"I can't homeschool because I hated school!"

reasons to homeschool

I know what you mean - why on earth would you put yourself in the position of educating your child at home, when for you, school was a very unpleasant experience? You might inadvertently communicate your distaste for all-things-school, thereby perpetuating the problem. Why would anyone want to go through that again?

I'm here to tell you this is a GREAT reason to homeschool!

Homeschool is not traditional school. It is the parent-directed education of your children in a safe, comfortable atmosphere, individualized to meet the specific needs of the child.

What did you want to learn about as a child? Did you want to be an astronaut, fireman, artist, chef, architect?

What frustrated you most about school? Peer pressure? Sitting still at a desk for hours? Listening to lectures that didn’t connect you with real world applications?

Make your homeschool a Dream School, by doing all the things with your kids that you wish your teacher had had time to do with your class.

  • Go to the park and collect bugs and leaves to identify.
  • Play in the rain.
  • Stay up late at night so you and your kids can learn to name the planets and constellations.
  • Read a book together and let your child act out her favorite scenes.
  • Build a skyscraper out of Legos or Lincoln Logs or popsicle sticks (and half the fun of that is eating the Popsicles!)
  • Give everyone small, manageable tasks, and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.
  • Listen to your kids talk about the things they find interesting, confusing, scary, fascinating (yes, this could take hours).
  • Visit the local fire station and attend classes on safety and first aid taught by real paramedics.
  • Take art classes together at a local studio.
  • Plant a garden.

Wouldn't that have been amazing when you were a kid? To get out into the world, visit interesting places, talk to the people who were really doing what you wanted to do, tell all your stories to anyone who would listen, and have free time to play and pretend and create?

You can create a Dream School for your children, and you can also redeem your own misspent youth by getting the education now that you wish you’d had then. Because you know if you let yourself go, you would enjoy homeschooling as much if not more than your kids!

What does your Dream School look like?