Learning all the time

When we talk about taking a break from school, it should never be assumed that learning suddenly stops. Bodies and minds continue to be engaged, and family bonding can be strengthened during the everyday activities of life, regardless of the declared 'vacation' from homeschooling.

Duct tape hat and wallet

Inspired by Mythbusters, Kenny made a duct tape hat and wallet.

Kitchen update, Netflix nostalgia tour

Inspired by conversations with a childhood friend, I decided to enjoy a Netflix Nostalgia Tour while repainting the kitchen. Here I am revisiting Miami Vice, and was surprised to find that the show was not as cheeseball as I feared. Seeing as how I had a huge Crockett and Tubbs poster on my teenage bedroom wall...

Teen retro fashion statement

Inspired by Sonny Crockett, Noah decides to try the T-shirt and suit jacket look.

Sanding the wall, listening to music
Sanding the wall, listening to music

When not sporting an 80's retro wardrobe, Noah learned the fine art of multitasking - sanding the spackled wall to prep for painting while texting a friend.

Emma holds Peta at 4Paws

During a visit to 4Paws for Ability, Emma gets to hold Peta the Papillon from The Hunger Games litter.

Puppy kisses

There is no shortage of sloppy kisses and cuteness at 4Paws.

barefoot snowball fight

Time for an impromptu snowball fight. Barefoot.

As our Winter Break comes to an end, and we organize our notebooks and calendars for our 2nd semester, we can look back at and discuss the learning moments and loving memories that made our time of refreshment so special.