Parental aspirations and expectations

Noah reading

If you were writing a list of your hopes, dreams, and goals for your children, what would they be? Bill Jackson, founder and CEO of GreatSchools, guest posted at Rick Hess's Straight Up blog at Education Week magazine, asking this question:

When you launch them at age 18, what knowledge, skills, character traits, and other qualities do you want them to have?

He asks this to point out that educators need to take these parental goals into account, because when parents consider what their aspirations are for their child, it has serious implications for their choice of school.

Many parents over the last 30+ years have asked that question, and the answer moved them to choose home education.

  • What questions did you ask yourself that resulted in the choice to homeschool?
  • Do you have a list - mental or written - of skills, qualities, and virtues you are trying to nurture in your child?
  • How have your homeschool goals affected your choices of methods, curriculum, scheduling, and extra-curricular activities?

Our objectives will define our homeschool dynamic, either consciously or unconsciously. Some parents create a Mission Statement, others have a different method of reminding themselves and their family of the reasons they homeschool and what they hope to accomplish. They've realized that the destination decides the navigation.

If you don't have any stated goals for your homeschool yet, take some time to formulate those objectives, and see how they begin to direct your homeschool path.