Promises to Make to Your Homeschool Family

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The promises we need to make when we commit to homeschooling: 

  • We have a goals and a vision for the future of our children. We aren't jumping on a bandwagon or just being reactionary. We take this task very seriously. 

  • We will educate ourselves and find the answers to problems as they arise. We will not wait helplessly until someone comes to hold our hand. 

  • We will be honest. We will comply with the laws of our state.

  • We will acknowledge and work on  our weaknesses. We will get help when we need it. 

  • We will be as accountable to our children as they are to us. We will provide a place of safety and security for our children to grow and thrive spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. 

  • We will take full responsibility for the  commitment we have made to direct and provide an education for our children. We will not blame others when we fail. We will give credit where credit is due. 

  • We will be self-motivated and prepare for each stage of our child's development.  

  • We will treat our children as unique individuals, and provide resources and opportunities that meet their particular needs, interests, and abilities. We will not compare them to their siblings or other children. 

  • We will model the behavior we expect to see in our children. We will be diligent, compassionate, forgiving, and courageous.  

  • We will be a good testimony and protect the reputation of our family by not complaining about our spouse or children to others.  We will remember that others will look at us as representative of homeschooling as a whole.

  • We will defend the freedom of others to educate their children as they choose. We recognize that if we want to preserve the freedom to parent our children as we choose, we must also give that same respect to other parents.

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