Relief for Math Anxiety

 You can relieve the stress associated with teaching and learning math.

You can relieve the stress associated with teaching and learning math.

What is it about mathematics that causes such anxiety? Often described as the hardest, most tedious subject in school, math is a particularly dreaded part of the homeschool day by both students and parents. There are ways to alleviate the distress and worry of teaching and learning math.

  • Perspective - most of the stress about math is because we've listened to nay-sayers and let the boogeyman scare us permanently under the bed. Remind yourself that most of what you've heard all your life about math is patently false.
  • Remember that your anxiety about a subject will be communicated to your children. After all, isn't that why you are freaking out - because someone told you repeatedly that they hated math because it was so difficult? Stop that right now.
  • Math is the language of the universe. Everything we do, from cooking a meal to budgeting for groceries to figuring out how much carpet is needed to cover the bedroom floor, is MATH. Music and art would have no meaning or structure without math. We all instinctively grasp the world around us using math without even realizing it.
  • Instead of pointing out an answer as 'wrong', ask your student how they arrived at that answer. While morality can often be expressed in black&white terms, lack of comprehension in school does not need to be treated as a character flaw. Help your child learn proper math skills and develop confidence.

The following are some of the best math resources (some are free) I have found that will loosen the grip of mathphobia on your homeschool:

Homeschool Math- math teaching ideas, links, reviews and worksheets, by the creator of MathMammoth curriculum Maria Miller

MathMammoth YouTube Channel - dozens of videos by Maria Miller

Math TV- math illustrated by a teacher with 30+ years of experience

brightstorm- 3,000 homework help videos- Now that's a number we can love

Khan Academy- learn almost anything for free, including math

HippoCampus- teaching with digital media

Shmoop- student friendly

Math is FUN- games and more

You CAN bring enjoyment and understanding of math into your homeschool.