Tapple and Wonky from USAopoly [Review]

Our favorite games are the simple ones. The ones that don't take up much space, that we can keep handy, get out quickly, and it's time to play. 

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone and Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game by USAopoly are our new favorite standbys on the shelf next to our dining room table. 


Tapple is a fast-paced category word game that is fun for the whole family. Using the 36 category cards and 20 letters on the Tapple wheel, players take turns naming something in the chosen category that begins with one of the letters. The player calls out a word and presses the letter that word begins with, then quickly presses the buzzer to reset the 10 second timer for the next player. This continues until there is only one player left or the letters have been used up. 

The letters on the Tapple wheel do not include Q,U,V,X,Y,Z because they are the least commonly used letters to begin words in English.  

The game box contains the rules of the game, a Tapple wheel (which requires 2 AA batteries), and 36 cards with a total of 144 categories that store inside a little compartment on the bottom of the Tapple wheel.  The recommended age range is 8 and older, with as many as 8 players.

Wonky is a building block game employing eye-hand coordination and strategy. It has multi-age appeal as well. There are Wonky Blocks and 54 playing cards that direct play or be used to plan out future moves and put other players to the test. Each player receives 7 cards that show specific moves or allow for a player to pass or reverse play order. The Wonky blocks themselves have sides that are slightly rounded so stacking is even more difficult, hence the name of the game.

All of the Wonky blocks and cards fit very easily into the small storage bag along with the rules. Wonky is also recommended for ages 8 and up, with 2 or more players.

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Review and Recommendations: 

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We love to play games, create games, and learn new games. Tapple and Wonky were incredibly easy for all of us to learn and being play immediately. Both game boxes are compact for easy storage, but we have the games sitting on a shelf – the Tapple wheel stores that category cards, and the Wonky blocks and cards fit in a very small space. It takes about a minute to set up each game for play, and both games are fast-paced. We can play as few or as many rounds as we want.  

Our youngest child is 14, so one might think these games are too easy and not much of a challenge for teens and adults. We found Tapple and Wonky both to be difficult enough to encourage us to play game after game to see if we could up our Wonky block-building strategy or be quicker to respond Tapple categories with more unusual answers.

The Tapple categories are fun and varied, promoting quick thinking and inspiring imagination. If you can't ignore the clicking of the timer, it can make you panic and your mind go completely blank, even on an easy category like "Animals" or "Pizza Toppings".

Wonky was equally demanding. After getting the hang of how to stack blocks so they wouldn't fall over, we began focusing more on using our cards to manipulate the direction of the game to put other players in a tough position.

We were also happy with the quality of the games. Both Wonky and Tapple are getting quite a workout at our house, including the ministrations of a 4 year old who wants to be included in the fun. The games are standing up well, including the cards.

Our family recommends Wonky and Tapple for good quality family fun.

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