The education 'space'

It follows that as education is evolving, so, too, are the spaces that support it. The classroom of yore is becoming extinct. It is being stretched, reconfigured, and opened up to accommodate new modes of interaction and multiple learning approaches... Education is coming full circle. Curiosity, movement, variety, connectedness, and playfulness are making a comeback. Teachers and students can be partners in pursuing knowledge rather than adversaries. Education Week "The Evolving Education Space"

One of the most common criticisms about homeschooling has been that children educated at home could not possibly be prepared for the 'real world'. It seems to be occurring to some that the 'real world' doesn't resemble a traditional classroom. Educational spaces are take a new shape and dynamic to better reflect how people interact in 'real life'.

Another benefit of making the world your classroom is that children are more engaged with the actual substance of life. Teamwork, finding creative solutions, studying the applications of knowledge and methods, and just being able to physically move are all tremendously helpful, if not essential, to the learning process.

Whether a person begins to homeschool because they understand this, or they found it out after the fact, connecting information with reality is one of the greatest advantages of educating at home.

If you ever feel that your kids aren't 'doing school' because they aren't sitting at a desk with a pencil and a workbook, remind yourself that the best kinds of learning take place when we are embracing life with meaning and purpose.

I'm happy for the children that will experience an education that gives them room to learn. But basically, I really just wanted to say "We told you so".