The Joy of Field Trips

 homeschool field trips

There are days when I feel very ambivalent about field trips. I want to stay in the comfort of home. I want my coffee, my fuzzy socks, and my favorite wing chair. I think about traffic and crowds and a long day of walking around, making excuses as to why it's not a good day for a field trip. It's too hot, it's too cold, I think I have a temperature. I'm even tempted to hold a thermometer against a light bulb (yeah, like you never did that in high school!).

But when I overcome my lack of enthusiasm for a day out and about with the kids, I always have a blast. I wonder why I was ever reluctant.

A help and encouragement in this area is being a part of a homeschool support group. Our local group is called PEACH - Parents Educating at Christian Homes. We have a terrific field trips coordinator who organizes a couple of activities every month. All we need to do is sign up, pay any necessary fees ( and we often qualify for a group rate), and show up on the day. It makes it so much more enjoyable to be with other parents and kids we know.

Last week we spent the day at COSI- the Ohio Center of Science and Industry. There was no end to the fun things to see and do.

We learned how pulleys, gears, and lasers work in the Gadgets section.

Kenny at COSI
Emma and Noah learn about lasers

We explored the 1960's in a recreation of that era. I almost expected the Fonz to walk through the door of the diner, which had a working jukebox and pinball machine.

Kenny and his VW bug
Noah playing pinball
Noah and Emma in a phone booth
Noah and Emma tv station

Kenny couldn't wait to get to the Space exhibit, where he could get inside models of space vehicles and operate a robotic arm.

Kenny in space
Kenny and remote arm

The Ocean exhibit allowed kids to get inside a mockup of a submarine, and operate an underwater remote camera.

inside a submarine
Noah and remote camera

There were also mazes, puzzles, physical fitness tests, rat basketball, and a high wire unicycle. The kids could play with wind, water, lasers, magnets, and a variety of machines.

I was not at all regretful that we went. The next time I don't feel like packing up the kids and heading out for a day of educational fun, I will see these pictures and remember a day of laughter and learning, and I will gladly set down my coffee, put on some shoes, and go on a field trip!

Do you enjoy field trips? Share your favorite memories and ideas for field trips in the comments below -

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