Yes, someone is homeschooling better than you



Feeling down? Let me guess. You are discouraged because someone has a nicer house, is more attractive, has a dazzling career.

They are having a wonderful homeschool experience, probably because they have unlimited resources, and their kids are prodigies and are unquestioningly obedient. 

OK, so now what should you do? 

The reality is: discontent and covetous get us nowhere, and usually drag us down into an ineffective puddle of self-indulgent goo. 

Here's the thing - someone probably IS homeschooling better than you, because they aren't spending time and energy imagining another life in someone else's skin. Their kids aren't having their confidence shaved away by your restless displeasure in their progress.

Let's see if we can't get to the root of the problem.

  • Is your homeschooling goal to beat out other homeschoolers?
  • When did the race start, and where's the finish line?
  • What do we win if we are The Bestest Homeschoolers Ever? 

It's time to get our heads and hearts back to our own family. The main objective of homeschooling is to address the educational and character building needs of our children. If our focus is on someone else's family and how their kids are doing, is there even a possibility that we are fulfilling the potential of our own homeschool?  

The facts are: 

  • I don't have the same resources other families have – some have more, some have less. 
  • I don't have someone else's children, and I don't really want them. I love MINE. 

Come to think of it, what is important to another homeschool family is probably not all that important to us. And some of the things we feel are crucial aren't even on their radar. That's not only OK, that's how it should be. This world needs a variety of people with diverse talents and experiences.  Our culture has made amazing progress because of the freedom to explore, discover, and exercise creativity.

What's more, even if our homeschool goals are the same – well adjusted children with a well rounded education – we don't have to take the same path to get there.

Homeschooling is not a designated course along a straight line where we can race to the finish. 

If we can get our eyes on what is essential, what is worth accomplishing, and how we can live and homeschool to achieve our promise and purpose, we stand a much better chance of reaching our goals than if we are constantly distracted by and fretting about what others are achieving. 

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The comparison you do need to make is in the mirror.

  • What are YOU capable of?
  • How can you minister to YOUR children?
  • Are YOUR kids on a path to fulfilling THEIR potential? 

Maybe you need to stop looking around Facebook and asking other families about their homeschool, and talk to your own family about their desires, hopes, and dreams. A certain amount of counsel is healthy, but not when it keeps you from discerning the needs of your children and committing to your unique homeschool journey.

Does all this sound a bit harsh? Maybe it's because I've had to deal with it too - carbon-based life form here, saying "Been there, done that"!

Take a breath and acknowledge where you need to adjust your thinking, and get going already.

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